Friday, May 15, 2020

One World!

What is one thing that humans have learned the most about during the   Coronavirus pandemic?

The power of human connection.

Humans are connected in ways we never even thought possible. Initially the Coronavirus was just something we watched on the news. We “didn’t have to worry” about it because it was in China. It was thousands of miles away. Most Americans thought it was a Chinese disease that we didn’t have to stress about. We continued on with our daily lives. However, the death tolls in China continued to climb. We still really did not worry.
Then on the news we started to see how the Coronavirus impacted Italy. Again we watched the death tolls climb. Still as typical Americans we continued to only worry about ourselves.
Then in the blink of an eye America was turned upside down by the Coronavirus. Schools were closed, businesses were closed, and we were all put in quarantine to stop the spread. People made a mad dash to the grocery store to stock up on everything they could leaving the shelves bare. New York City was absolutely devastated by the affects of the Coronavirus. Our country was begging for ventilators, masks, and sanitizer as we now prepared to go to war with the Coronavirus. And the Coronavirus continues to make its way through OUR communities.
China doesn’t seem so far away now does it? We, as Americans, are not so different after all. Humans are so interconnected that a disease that started in the community of Wuhan has spread across the globe in a matter of months.
One of the biggest lessons I think everyone has learned from this is how much we are truly similar. We are just as related to someone thousands of miles away in China as we are to our next door neighbor. As a world we are all going through this together!
We are one world!

Courtney Glines, guest blogger

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