Monday, February 1, 2010

"No More Trouble"

It's time for another powerful video produced by Playing for Change. This five-minute performance joins the songs "War" and "No More Trouble," both made famous by Bob Marley. The video features musicians and singers from around the world who have witnessed conflict and hatred, and who seek to transform and overcome it with love and perseverance. Their collaboration is made possible through the wonders of technology. Among them are--

Ireland: Bono, Cathy Jordan, the Omagh Community Youth Choir
Israel/Palestine: David Broza, Radwin Nizar, Ramzi Bishara
Congo: Jason Tamba Matondo, Biziko, Mermans Kenkosenki, Tshotsho Fikisi
India: Punya Srinivas, the Oneness Choir, Saroja, Venkat
Ghana: Rocky Dawuni
South Africa: Jimi Indi Phiri, Louis Mhlanga, the Abonwabisi Choir
USA: Kevin Moore II
Jamaica: Bob Marley (archival footage)

Here are the lyrics as performed:

Until the philosophy which holds one race
Superior and another inferior
Is finally and permanently discredited and abandoned
Everywhere is war, say war

Congo sees war
Children are dying

Until there are no longer first class
And second class citizens of any nation
Until the color of man's skin
Is of no more significance than the color of his eyes
Everywhere is war
Everywhere is war

Killing the brother
Destroying the country
For nothing
For nothing

They gonna take care of another brother
(? lyrics unclear)
I know we don't need no more war

Some winning, some losing
Some dying, some crying
Some singing

We don't need no more trouble
We don't need no more trouble....

What we need is love
To guide and protect us on
If you hope good down from above
Help the weak to get strong

You got to stop the war

We don't need no more trouble....

May the words and melody and rhythm and images of this piece inspire you toward the resolution of conflicts, at home and around the world.

If for some reason you can't see the viewer, click here to watch the video.

Phyllis Cole Dai

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