Sunday, November 1, 2009

Rethinking Afghanistan

Recently I had the opportunity to view "Rethinking Afghanistan," a powerful dissection of the reasons most often cited for America's continuation, and indeed escalation, of the war in Afghanistan. That war is costing the United States about $2 billion per month, and its human toll is immeasurable, with countless American and Afghanistan lives lost or forever changed.

As President Obama and his advisers mull over the future of the American military presence in Afghanistan, it is vitally important for us to do the same, and then to make our opinions about this eight-year-old war well known to our political leaders and within our communities.

This eleven-minute excerpt from "Rethinking Afghanistan," entitled "Security," argues that the war is increasing, not decreasing, the likelihood that American civilians will be killed in a future terrorist attack. "National security," it asserts, is therefore an invalid argument for "staying the course." I invite you to consider this argument with an open mind and heart.

To view "Security," either press play in the embedded viewer or click this link: Please be forewarned that some images you will see are graphic.

If you wish to view additional excerpts from this important film, please use these links:

Excerpt: "The Cost of War"
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Phyllis Cole-Dai

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