Saturday, February 21, 2009

Nonviolence and Eating

Why should we practice nonviolence?
Spiritually, mentally, physically and socially, we are nonviolent.
Human design and structure are nonviolent.
Socially, ‘life’ cannot enjoy violence.
Physically, a human body cannot bear violence.
Violence disturbs mentally and totally destroys spiritually.

See, our hands, are designed to hug. Catch with love, pluck and eat.
Not to fight, kill and eat.

The hands of a tiger are so violent; the sharp and strong nails; the teeth to attack, fight, tear up;
And finally, to kill and eat.

Can you imagine to kill and eat a goat?
Does it stimulate your mouth?
Are you capable of doing it?
Why do you run to the kitchen for a knife?
Why do you say “oh,” not me?
Why do you want somebody to do that for you?

A tiger never goes to our mother to borrow a knife.
It is designed to kill and eat.

It should fight and kill for each and every food. We don’t have that fate.
Every animal and bird hates carnivorous animals. Co-operation is a strange word to it.
It must be alone …………. can you imagine 10 to 100 tigers joining together to hunt?

Do 10 to 100 kingfishers cooperate to catch fish around the pool?
They must be alone.

Why do you choose meat from the special parts of the animal?
Why can't you eat as an animal?
Tiger eats the flesh, blood, bone, skin, hair …….. all together.
Do you still think your body is designed to eat meat? Then eat as the tiger.
That may be your last meal. Why?

The great designer of your body doesn’t want you to eat non vegetarian.
So your hands, teeth, jaws, stomach are built according to the nonviolent way.
Pluck and eat.
The human digestive system is designed the same as the cow and the elephant ………. not as the tiger and lion.

A lion hides itself on the top of a tree and then jumps upon the animal.
Why can't you do the same?
That maight be your last jump.
Your shock absorbing systems are not able to do this type of adventurous action.

You are built to live a peaceful, happy, harmonious existence with all the creatures of the world.
You have to love all, cooperate with all and finally save all the “life’

Jacob Vadakkanchery

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